Little Rascals Wobbler Room

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Little Rascals Wobbler Room

Wobblers are gaining their independence and a new found freedom on their feet! Children can explore and experiment in our spacious room and begin to socialise with the other children. Most of our children learn to walk more steadily and before long will be running to greet their parents.

In the Wobbler Room, we use visual, physical and audio educational resources to stimulate the children. Whilst the emphasis is on ‘free play’ a little structure is introduced in terms of meals, naps and activities e.g. water or sand play, song time, story time, arts & crafts, dress up and some table top work (age appropriate puzzles).

When the weather is dry we avail of the outdoor area as much as possible as fresh air is essential in the day to day routine for a child.

We provide parents with a daily report book, detailing everything eaten throughout the day, sleep periods, nappy changes, play and learning activities, any necessary medication and comments.

We value and respect each child as an individual supporting their needs and interests
Wobbler Room