Little Explorers Toddler Room


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Little Explorers Toddler Room

We encourage out Toddlers to be independent and encourage problem solving where possible. We give the children freedom and encouragement to explore their environment and they begin to socialise with their peers. In the Little Explorers we recognise the importance of free play, but we have some structure in our children’s day. During structured time, we have activities like painting, play-dough, colouring, puzzles, etc all which encourage independence, hand-eye co-ordination and a sense of achievement.

We build our curriculum and themes around the childrens interests so we can plan many fun activities for the children. When the weather is dry we avail of the outdoor area as much as possible as fresh air and physical exercise is essential in the day to day routine of a child.

During their time in the Little Explorers each child will usually master the big task of toilet training. This can sometimes be a stressful time for the child as well as parents so we will provide as much encouragement and support as necessary and discuss the child’s progress regularly.

We have an open door policy with parents and share with them everything that their child does throughout the day.  We will provide parents with any other information and support they might need during their time with us. We respect and treat each child as an individual and embrace our uniqueness.
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