Little Scholars AfterSchool and Breakfast Club

Little Scholars Afterschool and Breakfast Club

We here in Little Scholars provide after school and breakfast club care for children aged between 4 and 12years.  Not only do we provide a hot meal and a stimulating environment but we also provide companionship to the children in our care and build meaningful relationships with all our families.

We offer a safe and secure pick up service to the local schools in our own people carrier equipped all the latest safety features and booster seats.  Our breakfast club opens at 8am for breakfast and some fun before the children tackle the big day ahead.

We strive to provide a relaxed atmosphere after a long day at school and fun play activities to help children unwind. We have a great selection of books and Board Games for all ages and we have a junk box for the little scholars to glue and cut and paint. We (Carers) join in with the games and we have a great time laughing with the Children so they feel more relaxed with us in their environment.  Communication is the key to a warm and relaxed Centre.

The Children have their own dress up area and do a lot of play role we have even had a few Weddings.  We also have access to the sports hall in the Teeling Centre for some physical activities to help our children to relax and unwind after the hard day in school looking after the body and the mind.  We have amazing group of Children and we love working with them all.Little Scholars Afterschool and Breakfast Club

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