Little Dreamers Baby Room

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Little Dreamers Baby room

For all of our parents we would like to let you know what we do in Little Dreamers Baby Room, as at this age it is important to focus on the children’s development and make sure that they are developing to their full potential.  Our emphasis is creating a fun, calm and stimulating environment for your child to grow and learn through positive interactions and building strong relationships with you and your child.


In the Baby Room we focus on the following developmental stages:
•    Physical
•    Intellectual
•    Language
•    Emotional
•    Social

We work on the children’s gross motor skills such as:
•    Crawling
•    Sitting from lying
•    Bear Walking
•    Walking

We work on the children’s fine motor skills such as:
•    Finger play
•    Attempting to grasp objects
•    Holding & exploring objects
•    Feeding themselves

We sing nursery rhymes and songs to the children, which they enjoy as they love listening and dancing to them! We also encourage words such as “ta ta” “bye bye” which some of our babies are saying. We also play peek-a-boo, round and round the garden and rolling a ball.

We promote expression and independence through activities such as colouring pictures and messy play.  This helps the children to learn how to use crayons and non-toxic paints, its develops their fine motor skills and provides sensory stimulation through the different textures of the materials.

Our aim in the Baby Room is to work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure your child is happy, confident and developing socially and emotionally to their full potential. We appreciate feedback from our parents and always have time to listen to you.
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